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(Creative Portraits)


We are delighted to be able to offer Photography as one of our most recent additional services at Top Box Studios. Please take a look at our Photography Gallery as we update samples of our work in the coming months.


As a Creative Arts Production Studio, we provide our own creative ideas, however, we are always keen to explore and discuss ideas with our members and customers. We encourage changes of costume/outfits, accessories, props etc. We offer in-house studio sessions and also happy to discuss outdoor shoots.

Our sessions can include several styles of photography including Headshots, Character Profiles, Dance, Green Screen, Family Portraits. We want our customers to have fun during our sessions and to capture some lovely lasting memories at the same time.

Our sessions (sitting's) are booked by the hour and payment secured in advance via our website. Following the booking, You will receive a digital link within 7 days to select your photos as a jpeg file via WeTransfer or printed products.


We are also able to offer gift vouchers if you would like to gift someone the opportunity to attend a photo shoot with us. 


If you are interested in booking our photography services, please complete the 'contact us' form on our website or email, we can then discuss your requirements in more detail. 

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"I really enjoyed the photoshoot, all of the lights and backgrounds were really fun to work with and I hope to do another one in the future"


"We used lots of amazing backgrounds and lights and it was loads of fun!"